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Creation, Production, Installation, Experiential

MEDIA6 LAB is proud to support Nespresso in the deployment of its experiential solution.

This unit joins the Boulanger coffee machine aisle.

NESPRESSO had a two-fold problem to solve: provide transparency on the quality of the coffee contained in the capsule and analyze the impact of its tasting events at Points of Sale.



The first experience is phygital: the unit includes a screen with a didactic film on the harvesting and processing of coffee. At the same time, these steps are physically visible under domes that light up according to the film’s explanations.

The second experience is an on-site flow analysis and date collection. A presence detector was placed at the front of the unit to detect visitors attracted and how long their attention was captured. A 4G key then sends this data to a dashboard that the customer can view.

This helps help identify the link between how attractive the unit is and the sales conversion rate. It also provides concrete analysis of the impact of events and/or promotional acts on sales.