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Creation, Production, Installation, Experiential

MEDIA6 360 designed, manufactured, and deployed the Nikon Interactive Studio in seven countries.

NIKON contacted us to find a way of promoting the quality and properties of their optical lenses. An object that is difficult to promote due to its key constraint – its transparency.



The design agency, therefore, came up with an interactive, fun unit highlighting demonstrators (tools designed to highlight the properties of the lenses: blue light treatment, anti-scratch coating, transition, solar, polarization, night driving, etc.) The latter could be physically manipulated but a button also provided with customer with a specific video illustrating the properties of the lens.


Moreover, an iPad associated with each virtual reality headset allowed the customer to see the difference with or without lenses in 3D to fully appreciate their benefits. The shopper could experience the lenses in various scenarios. For example, in very bright conditions they could experience the benefit of polarized lenses while virtually skiing down a mountain wearing with glasses with these lenses.


A social, informative, and instructive tool, which allowed opticians to increase their average basket.

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